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As one of the developing countries, Vietnam’s construction speed is among the top countries in the region. To meet high and higher demand of international/domestic contractors, Foreign Trade concrete Joint Stock Company was established by top experts specialising in the field of concrete and material used in construction. With it’s slogan “THE FAITH OF ALL BUILDINGS”, concrete branded FTC was used in most major projects, throughout the whole of Vietnam. Depending on the size of the project, our company is willing to joint venture, associate, set up concrete production station to serve the needs of customers.

From the establishment date until now, FTC has been continuously investing equipments, facilities for production and construction with 06 Batch Plants, 100 dedicated vehicles for production.

FTC has become a concrete brand chosen by many customers because of its mobility, flexibility and reasonable price. In addition, FTC is operated by the management regulation standards ISO 9001: 2008 and has achieved recent accomplishments as following:

    •  ASEAN Green Award for best production 2013;
    •  Famous Brand in ASEAN 2013;
    •  Outstanding Brand in Vietnam 2013;
    •  Trusted Trademark / Brand in 2013;
    •  Top 100 Famous Trademarks / Brand in 2013;
    •  Merit Certificate offered by General Department of the General
    •  Department Taxation in 2012 and 2013;
    •  Top 50 Vietnam Gold Products in 2012;
    •  Impressive Logo and Slogan in 2012;
    •  Golden Brand Award 2012;
    •  Trusted Brand accreditation for prestige - Quality in 2012;
    •  Top 100 Vietnam Gold Products in Integrating 2010;
    •  Top 50 Vietnam Competitive Trademark Winners in 2010.

Understand the competitive rules of market and being driven to offer high quality works to clients, FTC never stops learning and applying the world’s most advanced achievements in concrete and material making technology with strict inspections and monitoring process. We provide only the best products, meet customer’s demand in the shortest time in order to express our gratitude toward your trust and choice for FTC products!