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We visited and presented gifts to orphans, abandoned children at Thu Duc Youth Village on the occasion Tet Holiday 2014

Being aware of the social responsibility of a business to the community, FTC is always willing to give a hand to charity and to be able to contribute with the community in order to soothe the pain and loss of the unfortunate lives. The most recent activity is the visit, giving lucky money and gifts to orphans, abandoned children who are being sponsored at Thu Duc Youth Village  during Tet Holiday 2014.

Wherever we are and whatever we do, New Year is the time for us tries to come back home and unite with our family. However,orphans and abandoned children at Thu Duc Youth Village, considers the orphanage as their home, and the teachers as their mothers.

180 children in Thu Duc Youth Village are from 180 different circumstances: someone have no father, no mother; someone are abandoned from the moment of birth; others with pale body, injuries due to violence, and the most pitiful people who suffer fatal diseases, unaware of everything around them…


But they all have the common - that is the lack of family love; especially when New Year comes. All these circumstances are welcome at Thu Duc Youth Village; they are living in loving arms, protection, taking care offby staffs and teachers who are affectionately called “Father, Mother and Sister”. Due to this, the children are no longer lonely and feel inferiority complex. Instead of suffering hunger and cold days, they are now filled with laughter, happiness, brotherhood, close friends, and surrounded by a close-knit family.